WE bake different scones daily so make sure you’re not missing your favourite by checking our handy scone schedule to discover what scone today?

TUESDAY a simple start to the week with a Plain scone. Why not try one of Linda Robinson’s homemade Country Market jams to add your own flavour…

WEDNESDAY Cheese scones today… Herbs and cheese inside, topped with a generous handful of red Leicester. These are delicious with the Knighton Kitchen Chilli Relish that we sell

THURSDAY Fruit scones. Traditional flavour and perennial favourite. Crunchy demerara on top adds a bit of bite

FRIDAY Stilton Scones. The distinctive smell and smooth texture of the cheese make this version a quick seller.

SATURDAY Not one but two varieties at the weekend. The heavenly Cherry and Almond – Glace cherries and ground almonds inside with flaked almonds on top. AND a savoury option too – the fabulous pairing of Parmesan and Olive make these a perfect weekend treat…

We bake daily but only have a limited quantity so once they’re gone they’re scone. Sorry xx