Exciting News just in… you can now order tiny baby versions of our most popular pastries. Subject to availability they will be available from Tuesday to Friday. Ordering is by email only and we need a week’s notice.

WHAT? It’s a miniature box of freshly hand made pastries, they are just like the ones we sell in the shop but have been zapped by The Tiny Bakery Shrinking laser (may not be true) This would be ideal for a celebratory breakfast, a business meeting, Birthdays… I mean the list is actually endless.

The box is available weekdays only, on the days we are open – currently Tuesday to Friday. These are specially made and won’t be available in the shop. To order you need to email us, they are limited in quantity – they are made by an actual human not a machine.

The box contains seven tiny baby pastries – 2 Almond, 2 Plain, 1 Lemon, a Pain au Chocolat and a custard Danish. It’s a set box and costs £15. What are you waiting for? Email now to book a box of Tiny Baby pastries today!