Earlier this year we were nominated for an award Shop of the Year by the East Midlands No 1 Food guide – the Great Food Club and thanks to you… we won.

Shop of the year award plaque with our shop display rack

The judges focused on the skill of our baking team, the variety we produce as well as our simple retail display and commented “The Tiny Bakery is a special shop that proves you don’t need a large space to achieve true retail excellence.”

We couldn’t have done it without you. Without customers we wouldn’t even be a shop. So thanks to all of you that have queued on dark rainy mornings to get a coffee and a treat. Thank you for all those shares, likes, drools and comments on our social media posts. Thanks for telling friends, colleagues and family about us. To all of you that pop your head round the door to share a hello, a smile or a story. Or a hearty wave from across the street. It really brightens our day so thank you all.

It seems a bit like we’re shut forever but we’ll see you on January 11th- lets hope next year is a much brighter one. But if not let’s be there for each other.

Much Love and Stay well xxx