The lights are up and we have new Christmas Flavours on sale so it really is feeling like Christmas is on the way in the shop at the mo. We’ve swapped a few flavours out – the Raisin & Orange swirl has changed to a Cranberry & Orange version. We’ve stopped the Cardamom Bun and Croissant Loaf just until the new year, there’s no shelf space in the oven or for display. The new kids on the block are a Vegan Mincemeat Danish. A Vegan Chocolate Rose croissant (honestly to die for) and a Stollen Bun. Originating in Germany Stollen is a fruited cake with a marzipan centre. We’ve done our version in a handy bun size, lightly fruited with a ball of marzipan baked inside. Our ever popular Florentines are back too.

Some of you will have seen our Christmas Window this year, for those that haven’t we’ll keep quiet and reveal when we’ve had a chance to take some pics in the week. So without further ado the flavours for next week –

BROWNIE – Espresso and White chocolate. Worth noting that we did have another flavour planned but after yet another customer asked for the coffee brownie we swapped it to this. Moral of the story is if there’s something we’ve made that you’re missing – ASK ASK ASK.

CRUFFIN – Caramelised White chocolate topped with almonds

BAKEWELL – another new tart combo Cherry and Chocolate, the very name trips off the tongue!

VEGAN LOAF CAKE – a wintery fav – Sticky toffee loaf. Grab a piece and take it home for a cosy cuppa by the fire.

More Christmas delights will be landing weekly now with HAMPER ordering opening next week…