Oh it’s good to be back! And look what else is here… the so popular we can’t get enough in our oven Coffee Croissant. It’s been fab seeing your lovely faces again, it’s seemed like we’ve been on hols forever.

One thing we’ve realised is what a selfless lot you are. So many of you buy for others and we’ve also noticed that a lot of those you’re buying for have been asking for our latest monthly special the Coffee Croissant.

pick me up a coffee croissant

SO. What exactly is it…. The croissant pastry is itself infused with coffee. The filling is a coffee flavoured crème pâtissière. Finished with coffee icing and topped with a trio of chocolate covered coffee beans. Too much coffee? It would appear not – we’ve simply made a coffee lovers dream pastry.

We only opened again after our Christmas Break on the 11th so will be continuing this monthly special through to the first week of February. This should ensure that those of you that missed out last week get more chances to try this taste sensation.

We’ve got Chai Swirls back again and all our regular favorites this week. Our weekly specials include a vegan friendly orange and cardamom loaf cake. The Bakewells are apricot with pistachio and the Brownie is our delicious hazelnut version.

Hope to see you soon xx