We’re open this SUNDAY for NATIONAL CROISSANT DAY... Open from 10am until 1pm we’ll be selling our usual hot drinks and trays and trays of Plain & Almond Croissants. There will also be a limited quantity of Vegan Croissants available. It’s a one off, we’ll be back to Tues – Sat 8:30 – 2:00 afterwards.

Our croissants are so tasty because we use super fancy butter and super fancy flour. The butter we use is a an extra dry laminating butter – Elle & Vire. The flour is a french fine flour specifically made for Viennoisserie.

We’ve decided to just have the two croissant options for the Special Sunday opening…

Tiny Bakery Plain Croissant
Plain Croissant

Simple and delicious as it is, or add your own fillings. We will have a wide selection of jams available for sale on the day too.

Almond Croissant

The Almond Croissant is our perennial best seller. The frangipane is made in house with finely ground Spanish Almonds.

We”ll be open again with our full range on Tuesday. Even though it’s February due to popular demand and the fact we only reopened on the 11th, we will continue with the Monthly Special from January – The Coffee Croissant!

Have a good weekend!

If we don’t see you Sunday – Happy Croissant Day xx