Well October is here and with it some exciting news from us… a new special on our shelves – THE PUMPKIN SPICE CROISSANT. We know a lot of you can’t get enough of Pumpkin Spice Lattes so we’ve worked our usual witchcraft to create something truly magical.

Firstly we blended our own spice mix using Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Allspice and Nutmeg then used this to flavour our signature handmade pastry. The filling combines creme patisserie with pumpkin puree and Abracadabra! We’ve come up with a tasty Autumnal treat for the start of October.

As an added treat we’re extending our opening hours too. We’ll be open at 8:30am so more of you can grab a croissant and coffee on your way to ACTUAL work. We’re staying open a little longer as well – closing at 2pm rather than 1pm.

Halloween is fast approaching now so we’ll be firing up the cauldron and producing some tasty but ghoulish delights soon too. Pics to follow…

Stay well xx