Last Tuesday we popped some out for sale – so only one question remains… Is it too early for Mince Pies?

We’ve been eating Mince Pies for months – our product trials start way in advance of something hitting our shelves and the Christmas pics were taken ages ago. No one in the bakery is qualified to judge when something is too early as we ate our first of the season back in September…

mince pies hit our shelves on Tuesday

The picture shows our pastry star topped mince pie. We also make a version with swirl of Viennese Shortbread. The Vegan one has a (vegan) pastry Christmas tree on top (A tree because it’s plant based- get it?). Last Tuesday, the first day we were open in November, we put a tray of each variety out.

All of our early bird customers noticed them and commented that it was ‘a bit early‘ but followed this by BUYING THEM. By 9 o’ clock we were baking more. As the day progressed we had comments like ‘No, not before December…’ so we still don’t know the answer. It seems it is a bit early but the majority of us want to eat them? Only one person said they would like them all year round. We will continue to bake them and put them on sale but for the time being just for November and December.

Tiny Bakery Yule logs

Christmas is creeping in slowly with just Mince pies in the shop at the mo and YULE LOGS available to order. Staff are busy debating decorations with one half voting for a giant inflatable gingerbread man and the other half favouring a traditional real tree. Watch this space for more Christmas Product news…