Now available in the shop our very own Hot Cross Buns. Three varieties to choose from – Traditional , Vegan and a Chocolate version – the Choc Cross Bun. So what is a Hot Cross Bun? It’s a traditional fruited bun with mixed spice, citrus zest, peel and raisins. Our vegan version has the same ingredients but uses plant based ingredients in the dough,

Our Choc Cross Bun puts a little twist on the traditional fruited bun. It’s a chocolate bun with a trio of chocolates inside – white, plain and dark. the final ingredient is nibbed hazelnuts. Yes nibbed – like chopped but a slightly different shape. The Choc version has those hazelnuts inside and out, all our varieties have the traditional cross on the top.

Hot cross buns have become an Easter staple and are a popular choice on our shelves this time of year. Like a Mince Pie at Christmas there’s a lot of people who feel they go on sale ‘too early’ with some customers only eating them on Good Friday to commemorate the Crucifixion. Interestingly Elizabeth 1 completely banned eating them except on certain holidays. We’ll have them on sale right up until Easter and like all our products they’re fresh daily so will be subject to availability.

* The little rhyme most of us remember “one a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns…” doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense economically does it? Apparently it was either a large one or two smaller ones for a penny. Just so you know ours are £1.20 whichever variety you choose. Also selling well on the Easter shelves at the mo are the Creme Egg Brownie, Mini Egg Blondie...