…and this weeks specials -We’ve got some really horrible Halloween treats lined up this week for you. And when we say horrible we mean REALLY horrible…

We’ll start off nice and sweet with

BAKEWELLS – Cherry and chocolate. that popular alliterative combination that is working so well in our special vegan croissant at the moment.

BROWNIE – a simple delight – Peanut Butter

LOAF CAKE – Orange and Almond – as ever Vegan.

And then the disgusting stuff. There’ll be a special themed Hideous Halloween Cruffin and a Creepy Croissant. To be unveiled when we open on Tuesday but here’s a clue…

Witches fingers have been collected all year. If you can get past the almond fingernail, the bloodied end AND the fact you’re eating a realistic looking (green) finger they are actually a really tasty soft shortbread biscuit.

Our ‘Mummy’ spooky cookies are our popular gingerbread biscuits but with added cocoa for that awful blackened look that Halloween demands. These Halloween treats may look like they’ve been festering in a swamp all year but we can guarantee they are fresh and delicious despite their grotesque appearance.

On a lighter note our lovely shock faced Halloween ghosts are simple peaks of delicious meringue. Spooky times!

And as Halloween ends next weekend and November arrives Christmas Ordering can begin. We’ve got a VERY EXCITING ADDITION to our Yule Log Forest this year… watch this space!