Mince pies are a traditional English Christmas Staple. Originally they were shaped like a manger as a nod to the Nativity story. They also DID once contain meat along with 12 other ingredients each representing a different part of the Christmas Story.

Some Mince pie facts-

They are round. Can be served hot or cold.

They do NOT now contain meat but are a mix of dried fruit, citrus and spices. Mincemeat recipes vary widely – sometimes the fruit is soaked in alcohol although ours isn’t. Many makers like to put their own twist in there but on the whole think clove, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, raisins, sultanas and apple with brown sugar.

Traditions are plentiful at the festive season and mince pies have many associated with them – it’s said you should only stir the mincemeat clockwise when making it, should send up a wish when you eat your ‘first mince pie of the season’ and NEVER EVER should you cut one with a knife. Again folklore suggests if you eat a mince pie from Christmas until Twelfth night (Jan 5th) you’ll get happiness in the year ahead…

Many households leave a mince pie and a sherry out for Santa on Christmas Eve. The drink varies according to household to household, often a carrot for the Reindeer is left too. We leave him a warm drink and a mince pie… here’s a sneaky shot of Father Christmas enjoying a his Tiny Bakery treats from last year!

Mince Pies will be available in our shop daily until Christmas. You can also place an order for collection in the last week before Christmas via email or by calling into the shop. Ho Ho HO xx